Immigration Overview


There are many reasons for those who consider immigration. For a better living environment, for the education of children, for better working conditions, for expanding business abroad, etc., you may consider immigration with your own purposes.


But emigrating abroad is not that easy. In particular, immigration to developed countries such as the United States and Canada poses a number of obstacles, coupled with high competition rates. Each country does not necessarily welcome immigrants. In order to preserve the employment rate in the country, they apply rigorous screening standards for immigrant applicants who are sometimes considered unreasonable. Because of this tricky process, overseas immigration, which has been made through long agony, creaks from the preparation stage. Once you enter the screening process, you will also face several problems with the Immigration Office and spend a long time and effort in solving them. Sometimes, with a small mistake in the screening process, all efforts will be left behind. Even after arriving in the area, there are many challenges to settling down stably. Dealing with these issues while working on a new job is challenging in many ways.


In order to ameliorate such difficulties and complications, the migration agency acts as an agent for immigration applicants. We stand in between the government and immigration applicants, handle the various documents and legal processes required by the government, and try to reflect the needs of immigration applicants as much as we can. We work with immigrant applicants for 2-3 years to apply and obtain a permanent residence, deal with small and large problems together, avoid occasional legal troubles and prepare backup plans. For this reason, it is important to be very cautious in choosing a migration agency that plays such an important role.


HSM has offices in Canada/U.S. and many other countries, handling all immigration-related tasks right away. Immigration experts and attorneys with many years of experience in the field will directly address your concerns.