Canada Business Immigration

Canada Business and Investment Immigration


Canada continues to attract overseas investors!


Canada business-friendly environment is built on world-class cities. You could start your own business or invest in a business because of its low taxes, a strong economy, low business costs and high quality of life. There are options available for business owners and investors to get a permanent residency in Canada.


Because of our experience in all aspects of immigration law, we are ideally placed to assist high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs from overseas with entrepreneur and business visas


Immigrant Investor


Invest in Canada!  We could provide you guidance, information and connections to buy or establish a new business in Canada and qualify for a temporary work visa, under federal ‘owner-operator’ policies. After that, you may qualify for permanent residence under a suitable immigration program.


Our commitment to you does not end with your case. We provide continuous updates on changing immigration rules and how they might affect you.

Canada Business Federal


The federal government administers the Self-employed, Start-up and GATS visa programs related to business immigration. These three types of programs are very different from Provincial business immigration because they only apply to special circumstances.


Owner-operator LMIA is a special method of business immigration, in which a Canadian company is established, then the applicant registers him/herself as the owner of the company and applies for Express Entry to obtain additional points.


Business immigration is more complicated than job immigration and requires a lot of effort from the applicant side. Many programs require business plans, and there are a number of hurdles such as business registration, tax calculations, investment transfers, etc.


At HSM, we solve all the worries related to business immigration at once. We provide all services necessary for business immigration, including not only immigration-related paperwork, but also the selection of business locations, establishment of a company, investigation of business properties, investigation of qualifications and permits needed for business, and preparation of business plans.



Self-employed is a program designed to attract freelancers and others with outstanding skills in a specific field to Canada. It is primarily open to those who have been freelancers for more than two years in the fields of culture, arts and athletics, or who have won world-class competitions.


For the applicants who meet the criteria, career, educational background, age, English or French ability, and adaptability are comprehensively evaluated. The application is done offline, and the required documents must be submitted along with the required application form.


HSM will assist you with your choices through a comprehensive analysis of applicants’ self-employed eligibility and potential. In addition, we provide support to increase the customer’s pass rate by preparing a business plan and preparing for interviews.



This program is for startup entrepreneurs funded by venture capitalists or angel investors in Canada. Each applicant must own 10% or more of the company’s shares and up to 5 people can be invited.


For this program, angel investors or venture capitalists must be a group designated by the Government of Canada and the company should be relocated to Canada after receiving support. In order to receive support from angel investors or venture capitals, applicants directly contact them, receive investment, and receive a letter of recommendation.


Although the conditions are tough, it can be a good option for start-ups looking to move their business to Canada, as all five shareholders and their families can emigrate in one step if they can get the investment.


HSM provides services to applicants who are committed to support from designated Canadian investors.



Under GATS, Canada agreed to make it easier for foreign business people to access the Canadian services market. This applies to service providers from more than 140 World Trade Organization member countries.

Three groups of business people are covered:

  • business visitors,
  • professionals and
  • intra-company transferees.

Qualified business people can enter Canada more easily because they do not need an LMIA from the Government of Canada or, in the case of business visitors, a work permit.


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Owner-Operator LMIA


The government of Canada has created a special category of work permit that offers a facilitated route through which majority owners of a company can acquire the right to work in Canada legally.


For many businesspersons around the world, Canada is the logical choice as the setting for embarking upon a new business venture or expanding an existing business. The favourable economic climate, the work ethic of the people, and the diversity of the population are all factors that contribute to making Canada an ideal environment in which to operate a business.


If business owners had to go through the same work permit process as other foreign nationals, they would most likely be dissuaded from considering Canada as a viable option for the location of their company.


The principal purpose of this category of work permit is to provide a facilitated route through which foreign nationals can enter the country to run their business. Quite understandably, most business owners are protective of their company and are adamant about personally overseeing its operation in order to ensure it is running according to his/her specifications. If entrepreneurs had to surrender the helm of their Canadian company due to a lengthy and convoluted work permit application process, most of them would look elsewhere to start or expand their business. Fortunately, the government of Canada has had the foresight to consider this issue and has effectively addressed it with this Owner/Operator work permit avenue.


Canada Business Provincial


Canada’s provinces have their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). A PNP allows a province to nominate an applicant for immigration to Canada to settle in that province, and based on the province’s economic needs.


The Foreign Entrepreneur is issued either permanent residency or work permit which leads to permanent residency based on their proposal to own and operate business in Canada


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