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At HSM, we also provide various services in addition to immigration and study abroad processing. These include job matching, LMIA for Canadian employers, family visas, non-immigrant visas, US investment and visa-related legal advice. In addition, we also provide study immigration packages for customers who want to study in Canada and then obtain permanent residency.


Working in Canada/USA has the potential to be a life-changing opportunity. As one of the most developed countries in the world, Canada and USA provide one of the best working environments to employees. Moreover, getting a valid job may guide you to get permanent residence as well.


In case of Canada, finding a job is closely related to Canada’s immigration programs. In some programs, they give higher points for candidates who have work experience in Canada, or prepare separate quota for foreign workers who are working in Canada at the time of the application.


In USA programs, most category require candidates to have a valid job offer as well. Especially, EB-3 category, the most popular program, require a labor certification and a permanent full-time job offer for all applicants.


At HSM, we provide various job matching services not only for immigration purposes, but also for just work permits. Our experienced and proactive recruitment team will help you to match the job you are looking for in order to settle in Canada and USA.

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