In addition to immigration plans designated by the federal government, Canada also has immigration plans formulated by various provinces. This state-led program is called the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Canada’s state consists of a total of 10 states and 3 territories, with 1-7 programs in each province or territory.


At least one program in each province is linked to the federal government’s Express Entry system. For programs linked to Express Entry, you must first enter the Express Entry pool and then apply for a separate PNP program, or receive an invitation from PNP to ride the PNP stream. If you are selected as a PNP with Express Entry, you will receive a lot of additional points and automatically be selected on the Express Entry. Programs that do not link with Express Entry are more complex, and each program has a different application method.


The PNP program is more complicated and takes longer than the federal program, and there is a limitation that it is possible only in certain areas when you live and work for certain amount of time. But there is an advantage as well. For example, even if the score calculated by the federal government Express Entry system is lower than the cut line, the PNP program allows you to obtain a permanent residency.


There are many types of PNP programs, and the selection criteria and requirements are so diverse that it is of utmost importance to select the program that best suits you after examining various programs. Some programs do not require a job offer, and some programs give preferential treatment to specific NOC codes. Not surprisingly, the densely populated provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec are highly competitive, while the very few inhabited provinces and regions have low competition. With so many programs out there, it’s never easy to see and compare all the programs and then choose the one that’s right for you. In addition, provincial nominee programs change from time to time, so if you make a mistake, you may end up applying with incorrect information.


HSM will compare and analyze all PNP procedures and recommend the best PNP procedure based on your situation. In addition, if the program requires a job offer, we provide job matching services including the employer’s Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).